By A. N. Paruta, R. Piekos

ISBN-10: 008034710X

ISBN-13: 9780080347103

One in all 3 volumes which jointly hide all mentioned solubility info for a major pharmaceutical type: the sulfonamides. a data of solubility facts is beneficial in all pharmaceutical examine. released solubility information for the identify compounds were compiled and seriously evaluated, leading to urged solubility values which working towards scientists may well use with self belief. each one quantity contains structural formulae and molecular weight info for the compounds lined, with ease grouped jointly

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Treîouël, M. Bull. Acad. Med. I. J. Ya. Zh. Prikl. Langecker, H. Arch. Exptl. Path. Pharmakol. 124, 546-54. Lab. Clin. Med. 1942, 28, Khim. 1944, 17, 427-34. 1948, 205, 291-301. P. Ree. trav. chim. 1948, 67, 361-71. ; Yata, N. ; Kamada, A. Chem. Pharm. 1973, 21, 2417-26. Krllger-Thiemer, E. Arch. ; Suter, R. Langecker, H. Arch. Dermatol. Schweiz. Exptl. Syphilis Med. Path. Wochenschr. Pharmakol. 1942, 183, 1943, 1948, 205, 37-40. Bull. 90-116. 73(13), 403-8. 291-301. 188-9 21 COMPONENTS : (1) ORIGINAL Benzenesulfonamide, 4-amino-N-2- Hug, pyridinyl- (sulfapyridine); 1940, 16, PREPARED BY: C1 H 1 1 N 1 30 2S ; (2) MEASUREMENTS: Water; H 20 ; soo.

Quim. (Madrid) 41, 1945, 537-60. C^H^O; [67-64-1] VARIABLES : PREPARED BY: Temperature EXPERIMENTAL t/°C R. 91 a Q = bp e g Ρ ~^β0 G 100 G + 100 9where ' ρ and Ρ are the weights of solute and solution, resp. c ,Ί . acetone; d ι , , , should be mmol/1 acetone of acetone required to dissolve 1 g of solute; (compiler); f volume 3 (cm ) of acetone required to dissolve 1 g of solute. AUXILIARY INFORMATION METHOD/APPARATUS/PROCEDURE : SOURCE A N D A special all-glass app was contructed ena- The source of the materials was not speci- bling the prepn of satd soins, agitation by fied.

Colorimeter. 05 pH unit (author). sonograph using a glass electrode. cally modified by Kimmig REFERENCES: 1. Kimmig, J. Arch. 722; Erg. 176, 398. Dermatol. Hyg. 1941, 1938, 24, 17 ORIGINAL COMPONENTS : (1) Acetamide, Ν-[4-[[[4-[(methylamino)suifonyl[phenyl]amino]suifony1]phenyl]cH N S i5 i7 3^5 2» (acetyl Neo-uliron); [71119-14-7] Phosphoric acid, disodium salt; N a 2H P 0 4; [7558-94-4] (2) (3) Phosphoric acid, monopotassium salt; K H 2P 0 4; [7778-77-0] (4) Water; H 20 ; MEASUREMENTS: Krdger-Thiemer, E.

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