By Jean Pierre Serre

ISBN-10: 0387900403

ISBN-13: 9780387900407

Jean-Pierre Serre is Professor on the Collège de France. He has written a couple of books, together with "Algebraic teams and sophistication Fields", "Local Fields", "Complex Semisimple Lie Algebras", "Linear Representations of Finite Groups", accrued Papers (3 volumes), and "Trees" released through Springer-Verlag.

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Then there exists c > 0 such that: \\W[a)z\\ > c\\z\\ for every z eR"^ and every a e A. Proof By contradiction. Let us assume that, for every n G N, there exist Zn € R-^, an e A such that ||l^(Q:n)2:n|| < ^ll'S^nll. Noticing that Zn ^ 0, without any loss of generality we can assume that (|[f%)^ (which is in the unit sphere of R^) converges to some element v ^ 0 and {an) converges to some element a e A (since A is compact). By the continuity of the map W, taking the limit when n -^ oo, we get || VF(a:)^;|| < 0, hence W{a)v = 0, a contradiction with the hypothesis that rank W{a) = jt J.

Be a separable Hilbert space and Y a compact metric space. c. normal integrands defined 6>n [0,1] x HI x Y with values in [0, +oo]. {dy). k JY JY (ii) There is a sequence {wk) in L^([0,1]) and IQ > 0 satisfying \\wk{t)\\ < lo for all k e N and all t G [0,1], and there is a sequence {u^) in 3^([0,1]; Y) and a Lebesgue-integrable function I defined on [0,1] such that I ^k{t,Wk{t),y)v^{dy)

Then we have lim / \f ^ Jn Uz {v^{u)J{u:,u^{u),z))dvZ{z)] dP{cu) J / \f{v^{u;)J{u,u^{u;),z)diy^{z) dP{uj). 1, and the integrand ip defined o n r ^ x S x Y x Z by 36 C. Castaing, P. Raynaud de Fitte, A. Salvadori ip{LU,x,y,z) := {xj{u;,y,z)) for all (u;, X, y, 2;) G r^ X S X Y X Z is Caratheodory integrable. We recall below some notations and summarise some results which describe the Umiting behaviour of a bounded sequence in L5j(17,

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