By George Alec Effinger

ISBN-10: 1497605679

ISBN-13: 9781497605671

Marid Audran has develop into every little thing he as soon as despised. now not goodbye in the past, he used to be a hustler within the Budayeen, an Arabian ghetto in a Balkanized destiny Earth. again then, as usually as no longer, he didn't have the cash to shop for himself a drink. yet he had his independence.

Now Marid works for Friedlander Bey, "godfather" of the Budayeen, a guy whose energy stretches throughout a shattered, crumbling global. throughout the day, Marid is a policeman…and Bey's own envoy to the police. His new place has introduced him funds and tool which he might abandon in a second if he may perhaps go back to a lifetime of neither possessing nor being owned. Which, regrettably, isn't one in every of his options.

It's additionally now not a subject. For anything darkish is afoot. anything that's sending the town into chaos. assisting a child-mutilator to prevent arrest. Sending a killer to homicide Marid's accomplice. Murdering prostitutes and savaging their continues to be. symptoms element to the hand of Abu Adil--the one guy within the urban whose energy opponents Friedlander Bey's. no matter what occurs subsequent, it's not likely to be excellent news for Marid Audran…

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Literary Awards
James Tiptree Jr. Award Honor checklist (1993)

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Admiral, we request you take official note of that recommendation. We ask you cease flights down there. These are clearly reconnaissance and they're provocative. Our personal safety is at stake and so are our hopes of peaceful contact. You may trigger something, and we are in the middle. Please discontinue any military operations down here. " Koch's heart was speeding. He held his silence a moment, reached and coded a number onto his desk console. The answer flashed back to his screen, negative.

He could not reach them; there was no means no need. "Gods," he muttered, sick at heart, and, reckoning the disrespect of that here, shuddered and turned away. w. c bu to re he C lic k he k lic C w. 0 bu y rm er Y F T ra n sf o ABB PD er Y "I am receiving," An-ehon thundered. The white eye of the machine flared. " He fled it, walking softly, quickly as he could gained the doorway into the sen-hall and kept going, breathless, into the spiraling passage down. A shadow met him in the turning; one-eyed Desai, who had not followed orders.

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