By Charlotte Bacon

ISBN-10: 1558491147

ISBN-13: 9781558491144

Award-winning author Charlotte Bacon illuminates the unforeseen ambiguities of women's lives in a fantastically crafted number of tales approximately girls who've arrived at awkward edges of their lives--adolescence, or outdated age, ailing or pregnant. Many come to abrupt discoveries or detect startling secrets and techniques. regardless of their diversity in age and scenario, all proportion the typical aim of attempting to reassemble their lives .

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The skin around the gashes does not match junior's skin. The firefighter introduces himself as Bruce. The girl says her name is Dawn. Dawn. Mary Ellen feels her face freeze. Frank's Dawn? She mustn't say her real name, just in case. No one in this town is double-barreled. Frank will surely have complained of some terrible intimate habit of the old wife as a sign of allegiance to the new woman. How she propped her heel on the edge of the sink to trim her toenails and that was hardly the worst. "My name is Murray," she blurts.

Letters built from something as quick and sensitive as voltage. Letters with a charge. "So would I," says Dawn. Sven is quiet under his fresh coat of flakes. "They'd been married forty-five years," Dawn says, and Mary Ellen sees the girl is crying. She snaps on the hazard lights, undoes her seatbelt and reaches for Dawn. As Mary Ellen wraps her arms around the girl's shoulders, a net of static crackles blue around them. "This damn sweater," says Mary Ellen into the girl's hair. More sparks flare and die and Mary Ellen feels the wool become wet in the same place Tim's blood stained it.

She unwrapped one of the piñata candies and lay in bed, letting the bitter chocolate melt on her tongue. The day was shatteringly clear. " Julia poured more goat's milk on her cereal. She was starting not to mind its sour edge. Hannah was busy with pots at the sink. " "I'm not going, I don't think," he said, stretching his long arms. "You're not? " Her hair today was pinned in a severe bun. He had work to do, he said. Hannah frowned until he kissed the top of her head. "Adios," he waved to the sisters.

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