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Water, in its many guises, has continuously performed a robust function in shaping Southeast Asian histories, cultures, societies, and economies. those essays characterize a huge variety of methods to the learn of Southeast Asia with water because the important subject matter. because it used to be uncovered to the ocean, the area was once extra available to outdoors political, monetary and cultural impacts than many landlocked parts. easy accessibility via sea routes additionally motivated exchange. even though, a similar easy accessibility made Southeast Asia susceptible to political keep watch over through powerful outsiders. the ocean is, in addition, a resource of foodstuff, but additionally of many dangers. while, Southeast Asian societies and cultures are faced with and permeated via "water from heaven" within the kind of rain, flash floods, irrigation water, water in rivers, brooks, and swaps, water-driven strength vegetation, and pumped or piped water, as well as water as a provider of sewage and pollutants. ultimately, the amount offers with the function of water in class platforms, ideals, myths, ailment, and therapeutic.

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As Fernand Braudel (1975:23) has observed, geography ‘helps us to rediscover the slow unfolding of structural realities, to see things in the perspective of the very long term, geography, like history, can answer many questions ... it helps us to discover the almost imperceptible movement of history, if only we are prepared to follow its lessons and accept its categories and divisions’. Drawing on the long French tradition of social geography, Braudel’s famous work on the Mediterranean traces the patterns of interaction between setting, structure and events.

1957 Oriental despotism; A comparative study of total power. New Haven: Yale University Press. A. 1993 ‘Urban sanitation, health and water supply in late nineteenth and early twentieth century colonial Singapore’, South East Asia Research 1-2:14372. Part One Waterscapes Heather Sutherland Geography as destiny? The role of water in Southeast Asian history Standard historical narratives usually contain iconic images, epitomizing their central themes. In Indonesian history, one such emblematic scene is said to have occurred in the port-city of Makassar, South Sulawesi (Celebes), in the first half of the seventeenth century.

These winds change direction, driven by temperature fluctuations in Siberia, Central Asia and Australia. Typically, the north easterlies blow down across the South China Sea from November to January, while the south west monsoon brought vessels from India between May and October. The monsoons, like the more southerly trade winds, filled the sails of ships carrying commodities across a wider ‘Indian Ocean’ trading system. These air currents thus influenced economic exchange in an area that extended from the southern shores of the Black Sea to Madagascar, including the present day Turkey and the Middle East, and reached across the Indian sub-continent, Southeast Asia and China to Japan and Korea.

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