By Sylvain Savoia

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Some of these measures were adopted in the Modrow period before the election of March 1990, and other provisions—more clearly directed toward unification—were enacted during the de Maizière regime. THE OLD VOLKSKAMMER AND THE MODROW GOVERNMENT Even during the period when the eventual adoption of a new GDR Constitution seemed to be a real prospect, most believed that certain constitutional changes were needed so urgently that they should be made by amending the 1968/74 constitution immediately—although that document, resting on Stalinist foundations, was generally agreed to be fundamentally unsalvageable.

18 His successor was Egon Krenz, an old-line party functionary who sought to mollify the population by immediately announcing relaxed travel policies for citizens of the GDR. 19 On November 4, a huge demonstration of 500,000 people in Berlin seemed to mark a clear turning point in the history of the GDR. Addressing the demonstration, civil rights leaders called for an amendment of the GDR Constitution that would reject the leading role of the Communist Party. Old-line party functionaries like Günter Schabowski and Markus Wolf, who attempted to present themselves as reformers, were subject to deafening catcalls and whistles of disapproval.

According to the 1974 version, “the German Democratic Republic is a socialist state of workers and farmers. ”18 The second major theme in the 1974 constitution was alliance and close friendship with the Soviet Union, a principle that was immanent in the dependence of the SED leadership on the Soviet Union from the beginning. According to article 6, “the German Democratic Republic is forever and irrevocably bound together with the USSR. The close and brotherly alliance with [the USSR] guarantees the people of the German Democratic Republic further progress on the path of socialism and peace.

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