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This booklet tells the tale of ways Shari'ati constructed a language of political Islam, conversing in an idiom intelligible to the Iranian public and subverting the Shah's regime and its declare to legitimacy.

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Sometimes such repetition was expressly desired by the audience of one place who had heard of a lecture/course of lectures delivered elsewhere. But most of the repetition was owing to the fact that Shari’ati was 18 ‘ALI SHARI’ATI AND POLITICAL ISLAM IN IRAN trying to push forth a definite cluster of arguments to a huge audience across different places and at different times. In culling his lectures and writings, therefore, I have tried to maintain as best as possible the chronological sequence in which his ideas evolved.

36 Not only reformists in the political center, even the left was not altogether immune to the “progressive” credentials of the Pahlavi regime. ”37 Accordingly, in view of programs like establishment of strong central government, state-led industrialization, secularization of the public space, et cetera, even the socialists chose to support the Pahlavi regime occasionally. Despite such broad congruence of the regime’s agenda with the views of a large section of the intelligentsia, the Pahlavi state drew ambiguous responses from the nation it claimed to represent.

In other words, the Pahlavis impeded the emergence of a “modern” society free of premodern inhibitive social structures and influences. Many of these critics were influenced by the moral and intellectual assumptions of socialism, and some were inclining THE LANGUAGES OF POWER AND POLITICS 33 even toward communism. Their program involved working toward the capture of the state machinery so that inequities of development could be addressed directly, and the pernicious influence of foreign capitalists could be contested.

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‘Ali Shari’ati and the Shaping of Political Islam in Iran by By (author) Kingshuk Chatterjee

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