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The accessory of many Greek phrases has lengthy been thought of arbitrary, yet Philomen Probert issues to a couple impressive correlations among accentuation and a word's synchronic morphological transparency, and among accentuation and observe frequency, that supply clues to the prehistory of the accessory process. Bringing jointly comparative facts for the Indo-European accentuation of the proper different types with fresh insights into the results that lack of transparency and note frequency have on language switch, Probert makes use of the synchronically observable correlations to bridge the distance among the accentuation styles reconstructable for Indo-European and people without delay attested for Greek from the Hellenistic interval onwards.

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22); Dyck (1993: 779–80). 21 On the identiWcation of scholia deriving from Herodian, see Lehrs (1882: 30); Laum (1928: 65–98); Dyck (1993: 783–6). 22 The Homeric scholia are not the only sources for fragments of Aristarchus. Fragments preserved in the Byzantine etymologica are now accessible in Schironi’s edition with commentary (2004). 23 Numerous examples are mentioned by Ribbach (1883: 16–34), along with some disagreements and ambiguous cases. 24 The closing words of the scholion Sch. Il. 4.

Evidence for accentuation is cited in the appendices according to the following criteria. Where the accent of a word is discussed in ancient 1 As a main guide, I have preferred Frisk’s etymological dictionary to Chantraine’s (1968–80) because of Chantraine’s greater tendency to reconstruct heteroclitic athematic forms (especially r/n-stems) for which there is no evidence other than various formations (thematic or athematic, nominal or verbal) with suYxes containing diVerent consonants, a procedure that Chantraine owed to Benveniste (see Benveniste 1935, passim).

Thus, the phrase ˜Ød öߺïò becomes a name (˜{· öغïò) by the loss of an iota and a change of accent (Cra. 399b). Although the change of accent did not manifest itself in writing (Plato would have written ˜Ød öߺïò as ˜ÉÉÖɸˇÓ and ˜{· öغïò as ˜ÉÖɸˇÓ), Plato makes no distinction here between changes that aVect only the spoken word and those that concern also the written word. Some passages of Aristotle, however, provide indications of an awareness that the presence of accents (and breathings2) in speech but not in writing constituted a signiWcant discrepancy between the written and the spoken language.

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