By Kevin Hile

ISBN-10: 0791079228

ISBN-13: 9780791079225

ISBN-10: 1438105916

ISBN-13: 9781438105918

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The rats that do not die from the test are later killed and studied, too. The dosage that resulted in half the rats’ deaths is carefully recorded and becomes the accepted standard of what is considered an acutely toxic dose. ” 3 The Draize test was invented in the 1940s by John H. S. Food and Drug Administration. Point2 56 1/14/04 7:00 AM Page 56 ANIMAL RIGHTS cosmetics, cleaning products, and other commonly used household goods. To check whether something was an irritant, a sample of the product is either put into a rabbit’s eye (New Zealand white rabbits are usually used because they are very tame and easy to buy) or is applied to a patch of shaved skin that has been abraded.

6 Adding to this advantage, human beings are the only animals on the planet to have made use of fire. • Dolphins have been judged to be extraordinarily intelligent, yet they lack hands and fingers to build sophisticated tools. Should tool-making skills, then, be one way that human beings are judged to be unique and superior to other animals? Humans also are capable of much more advanced language than even the higher primates, such as chimpanzees. CntrPnt1 1/14/04 6:58 AM Page 43 Animals Are Not Worthy of Rights Like Those of Humans human child.

Driven by his deepest instincts to fly south, the male nevertheless refused to abandon his partner. He remained loyal to her in her hour of need, plaintively begging her to spread her wings and join him in the long flight home. ” Source: Gary Kowalski, The Souls of Animals, Walpole, NH: Stillpoint Publishing, 1991. Point1 1/14/04 6:56 AM Page 35 Animals Are Worthy of Certain Rights the way human beings are. According to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Two ordinary senses of consciousness which are not in dispute when applied to animals are the sense of consciousness involved when a creature is awake rather than asleep, or in a coma, and the sense of consciousness implicated in the basic ability of organisms to perceive and thereby respond to selected features of their environments, thus making them conscious or aware of those features.

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