By Allan Gould

ISBN-10: 1550226029

ISBN-13: 9781550226027

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ISBN-13: 9781554906024

Was it higher that our ancestors selected emigrate to Canada, or may still they've got long past to the united states? Snow and ice and excessive taxes? Or unaffordable overall healthiness care, weapons in kindergarten, and nice climate? And did not they need to movie the hit motion picture Chicago in Canada simply because we had the studios, the gaffers, and the sixty five cent buck? What approximately our nationwide desires? Gould defines the yank Dream because the legal responsibility for each American to accomplish popularity, fortune, and a trophy spouse as much as one-half the age of the 1st one, yet in basic terms after he accomplishes the 1st . The Canadian Dream is to pay a serviceman in funds to prevent the GST, to visit Hawaii (if you reside in B.C.), and for you to movement to the U.S. to make actual funds. And what approximately our varied political structures? within the U.S. there's severe debate approximately crusade finance reform; in Canada, we flip to Hansard to keep on with an identical dialogue: ''Oh close up.'' ''YOU close up.'' ''Up yours!'' ''Oh yeah? you would most likely take pleasure in that, Svend.'' G.I. Joe and Anne of eco-friendly Gables may be with regards to the funniest booklet you will learn this fall.

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All royal family substitutes. Just as telling is that litmus test of American popular belief, People magazine. In 2,002 alone, either Princess Diana or her two sons by Prince Charles were on seventy-three covers. This was nearly half a decade after her death. ) to believe in, 43 and they never really got over the American Revolution, obviously more of a teenage rebellion against mom and pop back in England. But they are too embarrassed to admit it. Canada Continues to Invade the United States In the great imperialist tradition of Toronto-born actress Mary Pickford becoming "America's Sweetheart" in the first quarter of the twentieth century, a Canadian-born woman named Jennifer Granholm, forty-three, was elected governor of Michigan in the fall of 2002.

The governor general, who, we charitably admit, opens a mean hospital and an exotic First Nations dance troupe now and 39 then, merely performs duties on the queen's behalf. I am sorry to report that recent polls have clearly shown that the vast majority of Canadians do not think that the royal family is "good for the country" or even good for each other, although that's a different matter. Whose fault is this? Probably that of recent federal governments in Ottawa, who have moved Canada inexorably, if not fatally, toward the American system of so-called republicanism.

So much for the division of church and state. " "'Glorious'? Maybe the Rockies are, but what else? And 'free'? " 36 "'Free'? What a laugh. " O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. ' What a laugh. " "I'll take our 'Star Spangled Banner' any day of the week over their chicken-shit anthem, which makes no sense. At least our baby has some real patriotic feelings in it. But if those Canadian bitches Celine Dion and Shania Twain try to sing it again at one of our Super Bowls, I'll shoot them with my own gun and get away with justifiable homicide.

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