By Tomás García-Salgado (auth.), Tomás García-Salgado (eds.)

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That vantage point is precisely that point at which the artist, in reality or in theory, held his eye. Fig. 3. Albrecht Dürer. Woodcut in Underweysung der Messung mit dem Zirckel und Richtscheyt, Fourth Book. Nürnberg: Hieronymus Andreae, 1525 Unfortunately, perspective paintings in museums are often mounted such that you would have to crouch or stand on a chair or even a ladder to be at the right eye level. And even if the height is correct, it is practically never communicated to the public from which point on that correct eye level they should be observing.

Each bundle of parallel straight lines converges into two points (non-Euclidean geometry) Spherical total perspective: this perspective technique considers only a single point of view but manifold directions of sight, covering up to 360° in the horizontal (cylindrical perspective with heights in perspectiva artificialis ) as well as in the vertical (spherical perspective). The observer is at the center of the system. As we know, in perspectiva artificialis only the represented point that is intersected by the direction of sight is not distorted.

The question is then, what “real” depth must this platform have to provide room for the donor pair? Because the space above the basic square (a) is already filled with the figures of the Holy Trinity, we must create additional perspective space (fig. 19, left) by displacing the square a to the front (and then calling it b). On the frontal perspective (fig. 19, right) we (mentally) displace the a-square (= ABDC) upwards by half its width, so that its base lies on I. The extensions of the horizontal lines through I and the orthogonals FA / FB intersect at S and T.

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Architecture, Mathematics and Perspective by Tomás García-Salgado (auth.), Tomás García-Salgado (eds.)

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