By John Steakley

ISBN-10: 1101664290

ISBN-13: 9781101664292

The army sci-fi vintage in a awesome new package

Felix is an Earth soldier, encased in certain physique armor designed to resist Earth's so much implacable enemy-a bioengineered, insectoid alien horde. yet Felix is additionally outfitted with inner mechanisms that allow him, and his fellow infantrymen, to outlive conflict events that might wreck a man's mind.

This is a impressive novel of the horror, the braveness, and the aftermath of combat--and how the energy of the human spirit may be the best armor of all.

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Literary Awards
James Tiptree Jr. Award Honor checklist (1993)

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The Rebs turned and ran. The Imperials continued to fire. The sight made Kyle sick, and he was just about to order the firing to stop when the last man fell. His body skidded all the way to the durasteel door. Kyle had given up all hope of capturing the facility. He had to focus on salvaging what remained of his first command. Anal there wasn't much to save. The platoon was down to Sergeant Major Hong, twelve effectives, and two walking wounded. A retreat was unrealistic. To backtrack they'd have to pass the weapons slots, and, assuming they made it all the way to the cave in, tons of rock blocked the way.

The launch tube rested on his right shoulder. The trick was to wait, thereby increasing the chance of a hit, but not too long since the SLM needed time to arm itself. That's where old man Danga had gone wrong. Trot was determined to do it right. Vester fired retros, lit his repulsors, and allowed the bow to rise as the ship sank. That blocked his view of the ground but put more metal between him and whatever the groundies chose to send his way. It was a trick that infantry officers frowned on since it exposed the ship's belly to more enemy fire.

But he knew better than to check it. Not with fifteen seconds remaining. Time seemed to slow. Lead filled his stomach and he was unexplainably sleepy. What was the quote? The one carved into the mantel above the fireplace in Cliffside's ceremonial dining room? Something about how cowards die a thousand deaths . . Then, before Kyle could count how many times he had died during the last few hours, the assault boat hit. It bounced once, twice, and stuck. Like the first landings he had attempted, only better.

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