By M.J. Engh

A vintage of political technological know-how fiction

Arslan is a tender Asian basic who has conquered the united states after which the area, with a small city in Illinois because the capital of his new empire.

Praised through the likes of Orson Scott Card and Samuel R. Delany, ARSLAN is a considerate yet uncompromising paintings, one that nonetheless keeps the facility to shock.

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It was too much. It was too much. Chapter 2 “I have seen your mayor and your aldermen. I have seen your county supervisor and your commissioners. They are not adequate even for normal times. Their government is now dissolved. If they attempt to revive it, they will be executed. You, sir, will work with my officers. I have assigned an interpreter to you. ” It was morning. I was sitting at my desk, and he was sitting on it, or as near as made no difference—perched sideways on the far edge, his right hand planted flat on my papers and his weight leaned on it squarely.

It was an impressive thing to walk through. They were fresh and spruce. They didn't look as though they'd been in any battles very recently, but it was a dead certainty they'd been in battles. Not a man of them but looked older and grimmer than their general, though there was nothing grim about their mood at the moment. In one word, they looked tough—not the desperate boy-toughness I'd seen in so many American veterans, but the unpretentious toughness of professionals. Near the back door we were halted by the pressure of the stream.

He looked at me without much interest and gave an order, and three men backed me into my office. I guessed this was what was called token resistance; anyway, it seemed like the best idea available at the moment. Now it was my teachers’ turn. They had instructions to sit as tight as possible, cooperate without objection, volunteer nothing, and keep the children still. There wasn't much else we could do on such short notice. Boots thudded along the hall, up the stairs, down into the basement. Doors opened, doors slammed.

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