By Harold D. Clarke;Peter Kellner;Marianne Stewart

ISBN-10: 1137524936

ISBN-13: 9781137524935

ISBN-10: 1349707007

ISBN-13: 9781349707003

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We know this by looking at long-term interest rates in Britain. The long-term interest rate measures the extent to which British governments can fund their borrowing. If there is a widespread belief, for example, that Britain is going to default on its debts because borrowing is too high then foreign lenders will require a premium on the interest payments they receive in order to compensate them for the extra risks of lending. This drives long-term interest rates higher and it is what happened in Greece following the Eurozone financial crisis.

It was the first time the Conservatives had ever come third in a national election. 6 per cent and 1 MEP. Indicative of the electoral disaster that would befall the party in the 2015 general election, the Liberal Democrats lost ten of their eleven EU Parliament seats. The British National Party lost both of the seats they had won five years earlier. At this point, UKIP still had no MPs in the House of Commons, but by November 2014 they acquired two, Douglas Carswell (MP for Clacton) and Mark Reckless (MP for Rochester and Strood).

Throughout the 2010–15 Parliament, people considered immigration to be one of the big problems facing the country; but when asked to say which issues mattered most to them and their family, immigration came lower down the list, behind the economy, NHS, pensions and taxation. On the whole, YouGov polls find that Britons like immigrants but not immigration. The key to making sense of public opinion on this issue lies in the difference between the way the public views the people and the issue. When we think of immigrants as individuals, we often see the way they enhance our neighbourhoods, public services and wider economy.

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Austerity and Political Choice in Britain by Harold D. Clarke;Peter Kellner;Marianne Stewart

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