By Alex Moore, Philip J. S. Richardson

ISBN-10: 0878301534

ISBN-13: 9780878301539

Now in its 10th version, this vintage and accomplished guide has been revised to convey it modern according to alterations at the dance ground and within the principles of dance competitions. The Quickstep, Waltz, Foxtrot, and Tango are all illustrated and defined in nice element.

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It will then turn as the second step moves to the side. I 35 36 I Ballroom Dancing THE DESCRIPTIONS The descriptions of each figure have been written in the simplest possible manner for the novice to understand them, and this happens to be a good way for the candidate to give an oral description of the figures in a professional examination if requested. Details of the Contrary Body Movement, Rise and Fall, the amount of turn used, and useful hints regarding guiding and amalgamations are given afterwards.

After stepping back diagonally to wall on the first step, her second step is placed to the side with the R toe pointing down the LOD. The amount of turn is, therefore, given as three-eighths of a turn, although the body has turned slightly less. The keen student will soon observe that although the turn is continued with the feet on the outside of every turn, on the inside of the turns the feet are always placed with the toe pointing to the required position, and no swivel of the foot is used. This can be seen quite clearly in the diagrams and it is very important to observe this rule when dancing.

Footwork. 1 H T. 2 T. 3 T H. 4 T. General Note. The Quarter Turn to Right and Quarter Turn to Left are shown together in the diagram as this is their popular use. PROGRESSIVE CHASSE Man The Progressive Chasse finish to the Quarter Turn to Right is one of the most attractive movements in the Quickstep, however, the Quarter Turn to Left, with its small compact heel pivot type of turn, is always used when following with a reverse figure such as the Double Reverse Spin. The Progressive Chasse will be found more suitable when the Quarter Turn to Right is to be followed by a natural figure, or a variation that is commenced with the RF outside partner.

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