By Ann Ingalls,Ronnie Rooney

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As soon as April-May, Sharonda, and Jennifer came near, I let the water balloons drop. They made wonderful sounds as they exploded on the kids’ heads. “WAAAH! ” The dudes started wailing and sobbing, just as I told them to. 48 “I’m drowning! ” the redheaded kid screamed. And I hadn’t even dropped one on him yet! This kid was an actor! SPLAT! “WAAAAAH! I’m wet! I’m wet! ” The first graders were soaked. Some of them dropped to their knees, crying and sobbing and rubbing their eyes. The kids were brilliant!

I know,” I said. “I’m just a big loser. Jennifer is so awesome. ” Sharonda replied. “Jennifer should ask someone cool to the AllNighter,” I said. “She shouldn’t take me. ” I got up on tiptoes and whispered into Sharonda’s ear. ” Her eyes lit up. She lives for secrets! “Yeah, sure,” she said. ” She nodded. “I won’t tell a soul. ” I said. ” “Double promise,” Sharonda agreed. She made a zipping motion across her lips. ” “Wes Updood told me he has a total crush on 33 Jennifer,” I whispered. Sharonda swallowed.

Just watch me! ” Ever try to round up a group of first graders? The little guys were wrestling on the grass and tackling one another, fighting and shouting and pushing and poking one another’s eyes out. Totally cute. ” I shouted. I pulled two wrestling kids to their feet, one in each hand. “Yo—what’s that? Give it! ” I grabbed a Nutty-Nutty candy bar from a kid who was stuffing his face. 42 “How many times do I have to tell you kids to eat healthy? ” I shoved the candy bar into my mouth to keep the kid from ruining his lunch.

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