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The Complexity of irregular Human Behaviour

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They rapidly learn to point and shoot at ‘targets’ which appear to be human, but the consequences of actually taking a human life are never realized in such games. We are teaching our children to kill, but what is more disturbing is that they are learning to like it. The American government carried out a study in 1999 and discovered that by the time a child reaches the age of eighteen, he or she will have seen 200,000 dramatized acts of violence and 40,000 dramatized murders. Moreover, half of the video games that a typical schoolchild plays will have a tendency towards violence.

Bloodstained froth was coming out from his lips which had turned a horrible blue colour. There were scratches on his nose and scratches and pressure marks on both sides of his neck. A pair of scissors with one broken blade and the other one bent back, lay a little distance from his body. What looked like the letter ‘N’, which had subsequently been changed into an ‘M’, had been scratched on his belly. One of the policemen on the case, Detective-Chief-Inspector James Dobson of the CID had a gut feeling that this case was connected somehow with the murder of the toddler Martin Brown.

The police chased after Jesse and caught him before he had gone more than half a block. They locked Jesse up in a cell and the police started to question him. After several hours of tough and intimidating interrogation, Jesse still stuck to his claim of innocence. The police then left him alone to think about his fate and went off to contact his mother. The police left Jesse on his own until after midnight, at which time they woke him up to try and force a confession out of him. They threatened him with a 100-year jail sentence unless he admitted to his crimes.

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