By Ignacio López-Goñi; Ignacio Moriyón

ISBN-10: 0203017455

ISBN-13: 9780203017456

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95:444–448. B. 1968b. Homologies of deoxyribonucleic acids from Brucella ovis, canine abortion organisms, and other Brucella. J. Bacteriol. 96:1783–1790. S. 1997. The characterisation of Brucella strains isolated from marine mammals. Vet. Microbiol. 57:373–382. G. 1999. Genomic fingerprinting and development of a dendrogram for Brucella spp. isolated from seals, porpoises, and dolphins. J. Vet. Diagn. Invest. 11:152–157. , and Ramuz, M. 1998a. Differences in chromosome number and genome rearrangements in the genus Brucella.

Ovis, infecting sheep; B. canis, infecting dogs; and B. neotomae, infecting wood rats. However, not all Brucella species are strictly host specific and some species will cross host-species barriers naturally. , 2001): B. cetaceae, infecting cetaceans, and B. pinnipediae, infecting pinnipeds. , 2002). Definitive identification of Brucella is key to the success of surveillance and eradication efforts. g. gov from potentially infected hosts. Since a serologically positive response can occur in convalescent hosts or from antigenically cross-reactive bacteria, characterization of cultured bacteria remains the “gold standard” upon which official regulatory action is typically based.

E. the “correction” of a portion of the gene on the basis of another closely related sequence present elsewhere in the genome (Lewin, 1997). , 2001). Few divergences (less than 10 bp) exist between the omp2a and omp2b gene copies from Brucella strains isolated from dolphins, porpoises, and a minke whale, although both copies, mostly similar to omp2b, contain specific motifs not encountered in terrestrial mammal Brucella isolates indicating that divergence occured at some point. Basically, these marine mammal isolates carry omp2a genes that are similar to omp2b of terrestrial mammal isolates, but both omp2 genes in marine mammal isolates show a sequence typical of omp2a of terrestrial mammal isolates in their sequence, at the 3′ end between nucleotide positions 780 and 1080.

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