By Werner O. Amrein, Anne Boutet de Monvel, Vladimir Georgescu (auth.)

ISBN-10: 3764353651

ISBN-13: 9783764353650

The conjugate operator strategy is a robust lately improve- ed method for learning spectral homes of self-adjoint operators. one of many reasons of this quantity is to give a refinement of the unique procedure as a result of Mourre resulting in primarily optimum ends up in occasions as diversified as usual differential operators, pseudo-differential operators and N- physique Schrödinger hamiltonians. one other subject is a brand new algeb- raic framework for the N-body challenge permitting an easy and systematic therapy of enormous periods of many-channel hamil- tonians. The monograph can be of curiosity to investigate mathematicians and mathematical physicists. The authors have made efforts to supply an primarily self-contained textual content, which makes it obtainable to complicated scholars. therefore approximately one 3rd of the e-book is dedicated to the improvement of instruments from sensible research, specifically actual interpolation thought for Banach areas and useful calculus and Besov areas linked to multi-parameter C0-groups.

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C 0-Groups, Commutator Methods and Spectral Theory of N-Body Hamiltonians by Werner O. Amrein, Anne Boutet de Monvel, Vladimir Georgescu (auth.)

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