By Frank Moore Cross

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Directed towards a synthesis of the heritage of the faith of Israel, the essays during this quantity handle key features of Israelite spiritual improvement. Frank Moore go lines the continuities among early Israelite faith and the Caananite tradition from which it emerged, explores the strain among the mythic and the old in Israel's spiritual expression, and examines the reemergence of Caananite mythic fabric within the apocalypticism of early Christianity and the lifeless Sea Scrolls.

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InghoIt, Henri Seyrig, and J. Starcky, Recueil des Tesseres de Palmyre (Paris, Imprimerie Nationale, 1955), Nos. 212-215; and R. du Mesnil du Buisson, CRAIBL, 1966, pp. 165-174 and references. :> £/ and the God Qf the f-'athers 25 ism comparable to the survival of linguistic archaism at the frontiers of the spread of a family of languages. Philo Byblius, and other classical sources, and inscriptions in Greek and Latin all establish the formula that BC/llmn on the one hand" and :>EI on the other, are Greek Kronos, Latin Saturnus.

Behold the other: she rises up. 52. In the latter category is the paper of Patrick W. Miller, HEI the Warrior:' HTR. 60 (1967), 411-43 I. 53. CTA. 31-53 [Gordon 52]. 54. We have translated the passage in the historical present since the movement back and forth in time is more easily expressed in this fashion. J£/ and the God q( the Fathers 23 hlh. J um Behold one cries Sire! Sire! Behold one cries Mother! yd. Jil. yd. yd. kmdb JEI's power 56 isgreat like Sea's, JEI's power islikethat of Flood; Long is JEI's member like Sea's, JEt's member like that of Flood.

14. 15. 16. 141f. CIA. 25. 33. etc. CfA. 47: etc. In Proep. e\'on. I. 26. we find the plain statement that Ball l\'OS horn to >£1. CTA. 4. 31: etc. CTA. 296: etc. 17. CTA. 6. The reading is hased on the reconstruction of H. L. Ginsherg. 18. CIA. 23: etc. 19. CTA. 6. On batik. see F. M. Cross. "The Canaanite Tahlet from Taanach," BASOR. 190 (1968). p. 45. n. 24. 16 The Religion of Canaan and the God of Israel find the liturgical name' £1 qone 'ar$, Hittite Ilkunirsa, H'EI, creator of earth. of epithets describe ,'EI as the "'ancient one" or the ~'eternal one" with grey beard an'd concomitant wisdom.

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