By Berti M., Bolle P.

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Proof. We have to prove that Φn (v) := Φ0 (Hn v), where Φ0 is defined in (19), possesses non-degenerate critical points at least for n large. 8 in [6]): for v(t, x) = η(t + x) − η(t − x) Φn (v) = 2πn2 η˙ 2 (t)dt − T Hence we can write √ 12n 48n4 1 Φn √ v = 2 a2 2 πa2 π 2 a22 12 η 2 (t) dt T Ψ(η) = + T η˙ 2 (s) ds − where 2 1 2 1 4 η 2 (s) ds T η˙ 2 (s) ds − T 1 4 a22 2n2 2 + v 2 L−1 v 2 + Ω π2 6 η 2 (t) dt 2 1 48n4 1 R(η) = 2 Ψ(η) + 2 R(η) 2 n a2 n η 2 (s) ds . T (111) 2 T and R : E → R is a smooth functional defined on E := {η ∈ H 1 (T) | η odd}.

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