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Content material: advent to retinoids / Sheila M. O'Byrne and William S. Blaner -- creation to nutrition A: a dietary and lifestyles cycle viewpoint / A. Catharine Ross -- the basic function of nutrition A in sign transduction / Beatrice Hoyos and Ulrich Hammerling -- Chemical and metabolic oxidation of carotenoids / Frederick Khachik -- hole junctional intercellular communique: carotenoids and retinoids / Wilhelm Stahl and Helmut Sies -- Raman detection of carotenoids in human tissue / Werner Gellermann ... [et al.] -- Macular carotenoids in eye future health / Richard A. Bone and John T. Landrum -- Beta-carotene cleavage items impair mobile and mitochondrial services and will result in genotoxicity / Werner Siems ... [et al.] -- Formation of beta-carotene cleavage items in view of the actual stipulations in infected lung tissue / Olaf Sommerburg ... [et al.] -- organic task of lycopene opposed to smoke-induced lung lesions: concentrating on the IGF-1/IGFBP-3 sign transduction pathway / Xiang-Dong Wang -- Retinoids and carotenoids as melanoma chemopreventive brokers: position of upregulated hole junctional conversation / Laura M. Hix ... [et al.] -- Lycopene and chance of heart problems / Lauren Petr and John W. Erdman, Jr. -- impact of feeding after which depleting a excessive fruit and vegetable vitamin on oxidizability in human serum / Kyung-Jin Yeum ... [et al.] -- Mitochondria as novel goals for proapoptotic artificial retinoids / Numsen Hail, Jr., and Reuben Lotan -- Molecuar research of the nutrition A biosynthetic pathway / Johannes von Lintig -- law of transcription by way of antioxidant carotenoids / Yoav Sharoni ... [et al.] -- nutrition A in health and wellbeing and ailment in constructing nations / Machteld van Lieshout and Clive E. West -- Lycopene and prostate melanoma / Ute C. Obermüller-Jevic and Lester Packer -- Blood reaction to beta-carotene supplementation in people: an assessment throughout released experiences / Klaus Kraemer ... [et al.] -- New horizons in carotenoid learn / Helmut Sies and Wilhelm Stahl -- Carotenoids and heart problems / J. Michael Gaziano and Howard D. Sesso -- defense on beta-carotene / Norman I. Krinsky

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Med. Assoc. 287: 47–57. 66. , and Borel, P. (2003) Comparison of the Postprandial Chylomicron Carotenoid Responses in Young and Older Subjects, Eur. J. Nutr. 42: 315–323. Copyright © 2005 AOCS Press Ch3Carotenoids(42-60)(Co2) 6/7/05 9:47 AM Page 42 Chapter 3 The Essential Role of Vitamin A in Signal Transduction Beatrice Hoyos and Ulrich Hammerling Immunology Program, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY 10021 Introduction Most cells in the body are endowed with an elaborate biochemistry to take up retinol from plasma (1), convert it to retinyl esters for storage (2), hydrolyze these esters on demand, and modify the recovered retinol to 14-hydroxy-r e t r o- r e t i n o l and 13,14-dihydroxyretinol (3,4).

Nutr. 73: 586–593. 50. , and Harvey, B. (1994) Vitamin A Supplementation and Child Morbidity and Mortality in Developing Countries, Food Nutr. Bull. 15: 282–289. 51. , Jr. (1996) Vitamin A Deficiency: Health, Survival, and Vision, Oxford University Press, New York. 52. B. (1994) Vitamin A Intake and Status Influence Retinol Balance, Utilization and Dynamics in Rats, J. Nutr. 124: 2477–2485. Copyright © 2005 AOCS Press Ch2Carotenoids(23-41)(Co2) 6/7/05 9:57 AM Page 41 53. B. (1996) Quantitative and Conceptual Contributions of Mathematical Modeling to Current Views on Vitamin A Metabolism, Biochemistry, and Nutrition, Adv.

Although maternal vitamin A status was not assessed, it was likely to have been adequate in the Midwestern population studied. Thus, newborn animals and humans begin life with low reserves of retinol even when the mother has adequate vitamin A stores. Copyright © 2005 AOCS Press Ch2Carotenoids(23-41)(Co2) 6/7/05 9:57 AM Page 30 The quantity and form of vitamin A available for intestinal absorption by neonatal animals and humans depends on the vitamin A intake of the mother and the concentration of vitamin A in her milk, or the type of replacement formula fed to the infant in place of breast milk.

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