By Scott, Philip R

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The bull has been attended by a colleague who believes the bull has a septic pedal arthritis, but cannot decide which digit is affected and asks for your opinion. The bull has been treated with amoxicillin plus clavulanic acid for 7 consecutive days, and tilmicosin on two separate occasions; both treatments have failed to effect any improvement. There is marked muscle atrophy over the gluteal region. The popliteal lymph node cannot be palpated. 100a). This swelling is very painful and the bull kicks aggressively, preventing detailed palpation of the fetlock joint.

84). The affected skin is dry and raised at the periphery from normal healthy pigmented skin. The skin of the teats appears dry and ‘papery’. The farmer also reports that this cow often has a red nose during the summer. 1 What conditions would you consider (most likely first)? 2 What are the possible causes? 3 What advice would you offer? 85 While out walking on a summer’s afternoon you observe a herd of dairy cows coming in for afternoon milking. Approximately 40% of the herd is either score 2/3 or 3/3 lame (DairyCo lameness scale).

2 What treatment would you recommend? 3 What is the prognosis? 40 A beef cow presents dull, anorexic with continuous salivation and staining of the lower jaw. 40a). Closer examination of the mouth reveals halitosis and pain on palpation of the pharyngeal region. 40a There has been a rapid loss of body condition and the cow has a gaunt appearance. 1 W  hat conditions would you consider (most likely first)? 2 How would you confirm your diagnosis? 3 What treatment(s) would you administer? 41 You are presented with a 600 kg (1,320 lb) fattening bull that is not eating.

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