By Dick Hoekstra (Eds.)

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Tough and provocative overviews are awarded in quantity forty of Current issues in Membranes . issues on mobilephone lipids fluctuate from simple subject matters comparable to biosynthesis and membrane distribution to the function of lipids in intracellular signaling and membrane movement. This unmarried quantity additionally highlights the jobs of lipids in eukaryotic cells and discusses association of lipids in microdomains.

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1992). Since the aminophospholipid translocase is inhibited strongly by even low intracellular concentrations of Ca2+,these ions must be pumped out first, a task for which the Ca2+ATPase is very well equipped. , 1989). + 26 Ben Roelofsen and Jos A. F. Op den Kamp 2. Because of the high dilution factors that have been applied for ghost preparation in both these studies, some of the membrane skeletal proteins might have been removed (Clark and Ralston, 1990), or their interactions with the bilayer transiently disturbed.

Consequent to the discussion in Section 11, PS flip-flop in the human red cell membrane is considered to be nonexistent since this lipid is believed to be confined exclusively to the cytoplasmic leaflet. Let us nevertheless assume that 1 mol% of the PS, which is the estimated detection limit of the most advanced techniques (see Section 11), might be present in the outer leaflet; the corresponding ki: k, ratio should be 99. Clearly, this 22 Ben Roelofsen and Jos A. F. , 1987; Bitbol and Devaux, 1988).

Despite the enhanced flip-flop of PC in HPP cells, which is already manifest at 37°C and which is supposedly indicative of an abnormality in the membrane skeleton of those cells, bee venom phospholipase A, fails to detect any abnormality in their phospholipid asymmetry at this temperature. , 1985). In spectrin-deficient spherocytic mouse erythrocytes, on the other hand, bee venom phospholipase A, degrades one-third of the PE, compared with none in the control cells (Lubin and Chiu, 1982). PS remains inaccessible in the spectrin-deficient mouse cells.

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