By George Adam Smith

ISBN-10: 1176541315

ISBN-13: 9781176541313

1876. Containing description of production, fall of guy, deluge, tower of Babel, instances of Patriarchs and Nimrod; Babylonian fables and legends of the gods from cuneiform inscriptions. Contents: discovery of Genesis legends; Babylonian and Assyrian literature; Chaldean legends; Babylonian mythology; Babylonian legend of production; sin of the god Zu; exploits of Lubara; Babylonian fables; Izdubar legends; destruction of tyrant Humbaba; adventures of Ishtar; affliction and wanderings of Izdubar; tale of the flood and end.

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DEAN McBRIDE, JR. Gal 3:1-29). In Gal 4:21, the antithesis is sharply posed: Paul contrasts "the law [ho nomosY as scriptural witness to divine providence with life "under law [hupo nomon]" (cf. also Gal 3:23-26; 4:5; 5:18). , m. 5). The hermeneutical strategy inchoate in these Pauline epistles severs the Pentateuch's nomistic traditions from the themes of divine presence, guidance, and blessing that bind them together into a coherent whole. As a result, divine prescription is subordinated to promise, communal norm to narrative.

For the major intellectual currents of Judaism whose developments can be traced through the Hellenistic and Roman periods, the "primacy" and "efficacy" of Mosaic Torah are defining concepts. These fundamental tenets of Jewish religious identity function as theological corollaries. , Deut 4:32-40; Neh 9-10; Psalms 78; 105; 145). "Primacy" denotes the claim that the various statutes, judicial rulings, and cultic instructions transmitted to Israel through the agency of Moses are unprecedented and insuperable.

Plaut, Gunther, Bernard J. Bamberger, William W. Hallo. The Torah: A Commentary. New York: Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1981. Sternberg, Meir. The Poetics of Biblical Narrative: Ideological Literature and the Drama of Ideological Reading. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1985. Trible, Phyllis. God and the Rhetoric of Sexuality. OBT. Philadelphia: Fortress, 1978. 30 Chapter 2 THE FORMATION OF THE PENTATEUCH David L. Petersen T he title of this essay betrays one way of thinking about the Pentateuch, namely, a concern with its history, how it came to exist.

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