By Susan Kozel

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"The unparalleled traits of nearer stay in its mixture of concept and practice-informed scholarship. this can be an unique, articulate, and artistic imaginative and prescient that yields a deep exam of the intersection among brain, physique, and machine."--Sally Jane Norman, Director, tradition Lab, Newcastle college (Sally Jane Norman )

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It sees itself seeing; it touches itself touching; it is visible and sensitive for itself. — M A U R I C E M E R L E A U - P O N T Y, “Eye and Mind” the exchange is in a constant sliding state along a twisting figure-of-eight. Emphasis is placed on the fluid and changing nature of the forces involved in this exchange as opposed to any tendency toward resting at any point along the way. Reversibility, which Merleau-Ponty also called “an extraordinary overlapping,” or a chiasm, “forbids us to conceive of vision as an operation of thought that would set up before the mind a picture or a representation of the world” (1 9 6 4a , 1 6 2 ).

The interdisciplinary academic circles in which I found myself on both sides of the Atlantic, spanning arts, dance, design, and information technologies, exhibited a perplexing return to positivism, to rigid formulas for research based on narrow notions of what constitutes validity and truth, combined with an intolerance for perceived mystification, obscurantism, or ambiguity. Economic constraints and tightened budgets for universities, emerging out of the “dot bomb” in the creative computer technologies sector, and the near eradication of national arts budgets in countries such as the United States, drew personal vulnerabilities to the surface and created, paradoxically, a narrowing of the spectrum of what constitutes valid research within the very contexts that were trying to expand and become multidisciplinary.

Reversibility is a “dynamic,” most simply understood geometrically as the shape of the infinity symbol or the Mobius strip where CLOSER | PERFORMING PHENOMENOLOGY The enigma is that my body simultaneously sees and is seen. That which looks at all things can also look at itself and recognize, in what it sees, the “other side” of its power of looking. It sees itself seeing; it touches itself touching; it is visible and sensitive for itself. — M A U R I C E M E R L E A U - P O N T Y, “Eye and Mind” the exchange is in a constant sliding state along a twisting figure-of-eight.

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