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Term will be discussed separately. Each Structuralization will not be attempted because of the scantiness, the low frequency, and the doubtful interpretation of the relevant lexemes. In regard to terms for dyed materials, dyes, and pigments, the situation is different. A few basic assumptions concerning the classification of this category are given below. a. Some of the lexemes referring to 'dyes' and 'paints' have a dual sense. They refer to the dye or paint itself, the colour properties of which are its most significant characteristic, but also to the dyed material, the end product of the process of using the dye or paint.

27:18). The related " A * • forms might have a bearing on the classification of Ihif* as a secondary rather than a tertiary term. *, like other rare terms, is a borderline case. At the same time it should be noted that in such extreme cases the argument of rarity is more important than monolexemic status. b. Compounds such as the English 'blue-green' or 'greenishblue' are categorized as tertiary, especially when one of their components (or both) is (are) a secondary term. QitmK "p^* (Lev. ) and a secondary (QTQTK) term, both of which belong to separate sectors of the colour field.

PRIMARY TERMS B. 49 PRIMARY TERMS IN THE OT 0. r -r the only lexemes that meet the triple criteria of (a) monolexemic status; (b) exclusive signification, and (c) unrestricted applicability. dTK appears in texts which are attributed to stages 2, 3 and 4 of biblical Hebrew - that is, the monarchic period, the exilic period, and the post exilic period. "p!? possibly exists in all four stages: this depends on our dating, on other grounds, of Gen. 49:12. "ihW is restricted to the last two periods. Statistically, although all three are the most frequent colour terms in the OT, their number is quite small: in descending order, 13^ appears 24 times, its direct verbal derivatives - two lexemes, a Hif.

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