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G. Steinsbergowa, 1977). Arrests and harassments were not limited to members of the banned organizations. Churchmen were subjected to vicious persecution, and the new rulers went even so far as to arrest the primate of Poland in 1953. Peasants were forcibly collectivized despite their total opposition and adamant resistance to the communist methods in agriculture. The Six Year Plan introduced in 1950 was so strongly focused on heavy industrialization that it almost totally neglected the basic needs of the population.

Some devices have The State and Law in the Soviet Union 25 emerged, however, to regulate and mitigate their impact. The parliamentary democracy of western capitalist societies seems to be designed to play exactly such a role. Yet, its explicit rejection by Marx and his followers has not been accompanied by any realistic response to these perennial problems of human societies. This is why Marxist ideology, as indeed any other ideology which claims to guarantee the elimination of human vices and which denies any need for legal safeguards and mediating mechanisms, should be treated with great caution and why its actual practical application has led to such an uncontrollable escalation of terror and repression.

Workers' councils, established in November 1956 in response to workers' demands, were gradually phased out, and within two years they lost even the legal basis of their existence when a new law on 'self-government' replaced the initial legislation. General elections to the Diet were held in 1957 and followed the wellestablished Soviet pattern of a no-choice ballot. Thus, even if the most flagrant and brutal abuses of human rights had been curtailed, the nature of the political and economic organization, based on the Communist Party's monopoly, remained unchanged.

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