By R. Tucker Abbott, S. Peter Dance

ISBN-10: 0966172000

ISBN-13: 9780966172003

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Tonal variation in greens greatly enhanced. Bare areas-mud flats (greyblack) easily identified. Grey to grey-brown in colour (depending on film type). The junction with the alga1 rim is poorly differentiated. Strong definition of higher lagoonward margins. Where water is less than 15 cm deep the definition of moated areas is no Moats better in colour than on panchromatic. Deeper areas (light blues) are better defined. Grey, light to medium in tone. Greater contrast with buff colours of Basset and cemented edges reef fat.

Compilation of depth curves and soundings was accomplished with conventional stereoplotters using datum correction curves to convert model readings from apparent to true depths. Whilst temperature and salinity variations affect the refractive index of water, within the accuracy of the method neither appear significant (Jerlov, 1968). More important may be the variation in water levels between individual photoruns particularly in macrotidal reef waters. WATER PENETRATION The results of global mapping of coastal water clarity from GEMINI series space photographs show that about 35 per cent of the worlds coastal sea floor can be mapped to 20 m depth by aerial photogrammetry (Lepley, 1968).

P. E. 1954, Animal ecology of Raroia Atoll, Tuamotus. I. Ecological notes on the mollusks and other animals of Raroia. II. Notes on the birds of Raroia. Atoll Res. , vol. 34, p. l-26. MORTON, J. E. ; CHALLIS, D. A. 1969. The biomorphology of Solomon Islands shores with a discussion of zoning patterns and ecological terminology. Phil. Trans. R. , (B: Biol. ), vol. 255, p. 459-516. NEWELL, N. D. 1954. Expedition to Raroia, Tuamotus. Atoll Res. , vol. 31, p. l-23. -; RIGBY, J. K. 1957. Geological studies on the Great Bahama Bank.

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