1. t\ suitable fonn is e (P- t::He 111 ) W(P,t) = e < < I. 11) As we will see later, final physical re~;ults do not depend on small but arbitrary value of the parameter E. 10) into Eq.

23) This fonnula can be significantly simplified in the case of massless field. Tt is often fulfilled approximately during inflation because the latter takes place only if m < < H. Expanding the exponent in Eq. Jiii. _R. 25) As a particular result, one can conclude that a fluctuation with an amplitude 1, (N = 1) . 7) gives us the moment when the fluctuation ceases its variation, so that its space size does not vary ati:er the same time interval/ "-' H 1• The space size of this fluctuation could also be estimated.

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Cosmological Pattern of Microphysics in the Inflationary Universe by Maxim Y. Khlopov, Sergei G. Rubin

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