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Common law distinguished two basic types of crimes, the very serious called felonies and the less serious called misdemeanors. For the more serious crimes, evidence concerning the crime was first heard by a grand jury consisting of citizens from the community. The grand jury decided whether enough evidence existed. If so, an indictment (official charges) was issued charging the person with a crime and leading to a court trial before a regular jury. The judge and jury would then hear the arguments presented by both sides and offer a verdict.

Choose several groups from countries that you are interested in and research them as fully as resources will allow. What is their goal, where do they operate, and what terror tactics have they used? Report to your class. Research and Activity Ideas xliii Crime and Punishment in America ALMANAC 1 Colonial Period R eligious beliefs played heavily in legal thinking of the early colonial period, a period dating from 1607 to the end of the American Revolution (1775–83; a war fought between Great Britain and the American colonies in which the colonies won their independence).

Since they had no legal training, there was little difference between ordinary citizens of the community and those attempting to manage public law within the courts. Colonial Period 9 Salem Witchcraft Trials Trials of the early colonial justice systems often dramatically reflected how different the world of the colonists was from American society in later centuries. The Salem Witchcraft Trials of 1692 is perhaps the most infamous event to highlight these differences. Belief in magic and witchcraft was widespread in the 1600s.

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