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The publication of activity capabilities as literature of survival the place the most personality, task, offers with the trauma of pain, makes an attempt to return to phrases with a collapsed ethical and theological global, and at last re-connects the damaged items of his global right into a new ethical universe, and is the reason and comprises the trauma of his contemporary reviews and renders his existence significant back. the secret is Job's loss of life imagery. actually, with its depiction of demise within the prose story and its common discussions of dying within the poetic sections, activity could be the such a lot death-oriented booklet within the bible. particularly, task, in his speeches, articulates his event of affliction because the adventure of demise. to aid comprehend this specialise in demise in activity we flip to the psychohistorian, Robert Lifton, who investigates the consequences at the human psyche of assorted nerve-racking studies (wars, average failures, etc). in response to Lifton, survivors of catastrophe frequently feel that their international has "collapsed" they usually have interaction in a fight to head on residing. a part of this fight consists of discovering which means in demise and finding death's position within the continuity of lifestyles. Like many such survivors, Job's realizing of loss of life is a flashpoint indicating his bewilderment (or "desymbolization") within the early parts of his speeches, after which, in a while, his arrival at what Lifton calls "resymbolization," the reconfiguration of a global which can account for catastrophe and render dying - and lifestyles - significant again.

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Contrast will be drawn between Job's experience and understanding of life and death with those of Eliphaz. This will be the only place that I examine one of the friends' conceptions of death. Although they lace some of their later speeches with discussions of death, the friends doggedly maintain one conception of death throughout their speeches, a conception that I will discuss in my examination of chs. 4-5. Chapter 4 will examine a shift that occurs in Job's discussions of death in the latter portions of the first cycle and throughout the second.

The first is 1:20 where Job receives news of the death of his children and his reaction is to tear his robe (*7UQ mp) and shave his head (GJNH TT^). "149 They weep (HID),150 tear their robes (^J7ID ITlp), sprinkle dust upon their heads ("IpIJ p"")T),151 and sit and maybe 3:9; 10:21-22; 12:22, 25; 28:3; 34:22; perhaps also 38:17-19) but more frequently it stands by itself. 141. See 10:18-22; 15:22-23; 17:12-16; and 38:17; possibly also 18:12-18; 20:4-29; and 24:12-24. Job 3:3-10 certainly also belongs to this list, although the "death" that is being envisioned here is Job's day of birth, which is a way of discussion one's non-existence by circumlocution.

108. Lifton, The Broken Connection, 17. 109. Ibid. The quote is copied, almost verbatim, in Robert Jay Lifton, The Life of the Self: Toward a New Psychology (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1976), 31. 110. Lifton, The Broken Connection, 21. 111. For more on these modes, see Lifton, The Broken Connection, 13-35; idem, Life of the Self, 29—34; and idem, Boundaries: Psychological Man in Revolution (New York: Random House, 1970), 21-26. 112. Lifton, The Broken Connection, 34. 113. Robert Jay Lifton, The Protean Self: Human Resilience in an Age of Fragmentation (New York: Basic Books, 1993), 14.

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