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10 He should not come near the teacher wearing shoes, covering the head, or carrying anything in the hands. 11 Dharmasutras I ? Il T -í)¿M*fRd 1 1 ? ^ Il g RTWcf ici^ôici g ^ ^ ^ 11^^ II ^¡l^ul ^T ^tçî^cf ll^o H 113 ? 11 Sffà" ^rTFT J^": FTïïf 1 1 ^ 11 U II I I ^H II ^jl^l Hl^^l¿nP^k¿ 11 ? 18 or in the middle of doing something, 12provided he does not sit too close to the teacher. 13Let him approach the teacher as he would a god, without idle talk or distracting thoughts and attentive to his words.

8 Let him eat sitting on a specially prepared area of the floor. Eating Utensils 9 He should eat out of a clay vessel that has not been used before, 10 or, if it has been used, only after scorching it with fire. n A vessel made of metal is purified by scrubbing, 12and one made of wood by scraping. 1 3 During a sacrifice, vessels are purified in the manner prescribed by the vedic texts. Forbidden Food 14 He should not eat food obtained from the market, 15even seasonings, with the exception of raw meat, honey, and salt; 16oil and ghee, on the other hand, may be used after sprinkling them with water.

6 The syllable OM is the gate to heaven. Therefore, when he is about to recite the Veda, he should pronounce that syllable at the beginning, 7 as also after saying something during the recitation that is not part of the recitation. In this way the Veda is kept separate from ordinary speech. ". 10 Without a mutual agreement,* one should not take up a difficult text, with the exception of the Trihsrävana and the Trihsahavacana,* Hbut according to Hârïta the Veda should be studied until all doubts are cleared.

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