By Miriam Bodian

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Miriam Bodian's research of crypto-Jewish martyrdom in Iberian lands depicts a brand new form of martyr that emerged within the past due sixteenth century -- a defiant, expert judaizing martyr who engaged in disputes with inquisitors. by means of interpreting heavily the Inquisition dossiers of 4 males who have been attempted within the Iberian peninsula or Spanish the USA and who built judaizing theologies that drew from currents of Reformation considering that emphasised the authority of Scripture and the non secular autonomy of person interpreters of Scripture, Miriam Bodian finds unforeseen connections among Reformation notion and historical crypto-Judaism. The complicated personalities of the martyrs, appearing based on psychic and situational pressures, emerge vividly from this soaking up book.

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According to contemporary reports, Jews were dragged forcibly to churches where baptismal water was thrown on them. There is good evidence from both Jewish and Christian eyewitnesses that small numbers of these Jews resisted violently, killing their children and committing suicide to avoid baptism. The rabbinic scholar R. Ω≤ The great majority of the Jews, however, did not take such radical measures to resist. A new population of conversos was created in the course of a few days. Ω≥ Manuel apparently believed that the new converts would be absorbed into his Catholic population without the use of undue pressure.

They bring this God in their hand and lift him up and lower him down and bring him to visit the sick . ∑∞ Still more accessible was Profayt Duran’s profoundly sarcastic letter to a friend who had recently chosen to be baptized. ’ . . Not so you! ’’)∑≥ Philosophical arguments, technical and less technical, about the impossibility of God becoming a man or entering a wafer no doubt played a role in reinforcing Jewish loyalties. But they were potentially even more powerful for newly baptized ∞∞ DYING IN THE LAW OF MOSES Jews, who found themselves in the actual situation of worshipping before a crucifix and watching a priest declare the wafer they were about to eat the veritable body of Christ.

In ∞∂Ω∞, the converso Benito García remembered preventing a young Jew from converting. ’’ he exclaimed. )π≥ In the wake of the first auto-da-fé, held in ∞∂∫∞ in Seville, where six persons were burned at the stake, the Inquisition entered a period of rapid expansion. In the next two decades—the most brutal phase of the Spanish Inquisition’s activity— conversos condemned for judaizing in Castile and Aragon were burned at the stake in scores, while many others were subjected to confiscations, imprisonment, and public humiliation.

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