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In terms of the bloodthirsty and harsh, Australia's bleak homicidal prior stands by myself through the international. Now crime historian Paul B. Kidd, who has spent a life-time studying and writing approximately Australia's so much bad crimes, has taken at the unenviable job of chronicling the 50 tales he believes are the worst of the worst of the key circumstances in Australia's murderous historical past of the 20 th century.

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Scum . A worthless person or (someone). scrote . 1. A contemptible group. scare the (someone). pants To off terrify Scouser . A person from (someone). Liverpool, a Liverpudlian. To terrify scrag . To handle roughly. Delicious, person. 2. An abb. of scrotum. scumbag . 1. A despicable or scarper . Go, often hurriedly, scrap . A fight or quarrel. 3. A criminal. objectionable person. 2. A escape. scream blue murder. To make scrotty . Unpleasant, dirty. sleazy person. scavAbb of scavenger. an scrub round.

Rubbish. (the) information item . A couple in a steady superhighway world wide Jaw: Talk Jingle-brained: Addled Jack-the-lad A male who is Jobbie: Man relationship. Joe: Coffee, as in “a cup of joe” jack-up . To inject with drugs. com Jam roll An idiot. Jesus! A profane exclamation urination. person. jam sandwich . A police car, of surprise, anger, frustration. jitters . Severe nervousness. Joey jangle . To gossip. Jesus boots. Sandals. jitty. acquaintence 2. An imbecile. jar A glass of beer or lager, Jesus creepers.

Let off . To break wind, to ‘fart’. quickly. cheeky. long-hair . A hippy. let one go. To break wind, to like flies on shit. Used as lips The labias. long streak of piss . A tall thin fart. emphasis to imply great liquid lunch A lunch break person let (one) rip. To break wind, to numbers and enthusiasm, comprising of alcohol instead of loo . A lavatory. fart. ). Intensely, greatly, food. lookah . Money. lezzer. A lesbian. Derog. very much, speedily. little lick . To perform cunnilingus. like it or lump it.

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