By M. C. G.  Davies Morel

ISBN-10: 085199315X

ISBN-13: 9780851993157

Learn into equine synthetic insemination has lately extended with expanding horse numbers, the constructing rest curiosity in horse driving and the belief of the commercial benefits of man-made insemination. This ebook presents an in depth reference ebook at the topic and covers its ancient improvement, proper equine body structure, present practices and destiny percentages. it's generally referenced to permit additional interpreting into really expert areas.

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1 illustrating the major features of the stallion’s reproductive system after dissection from the body post slaughter. of the glans penis’s epithelial glans plus sloughed cellular debris). This provides an environment ideal for the harbouring of bacteria, especially those responsible for venereal disease. 6, the glans penis can be seen to consist primarily of two areas of erectile tissue: the corona glandis, found dorsal to the urethra and outside the fibrous tunica albuginea; and the corpus carvenosus penis, also found dorsal to the urethra but within the tunica albuginea.

1979). This temperature difference is maintained by means of the cremaster muscle and the pampiniform plexus. The cremaster muscle, as indicated earlier, allows the testes to be drawn up towards or let down away from the abdomen, in response to a reduction or increase, respectively, in environmental temperature. The pampiniform plexus is the term given to the intimate association between the fine network of capillaries branching from the central testicular vein, which returns blood from the testes to the body, and the similarly highly coiled arterial supply entering the testes.

Using these parameters, puberty is seen to commence at 21 months (Clay and Clay, 1992). The exact timing of puberty is known to be affected by several factors, including breed, management and the rate of stallion growth and development. Classically puberty is considered to commence between 17 and 22 months of age (Nishikawa, 1959b). Histological examination of testicular tissue indicates that spermatogenesis commences in utero with the migration of primordial cells into the fetal gonads (Everett, 1945).

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