By Mae Anne Argilan

ISBN-10: 1894841956

ISBN-13: 9781894841955

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Civilians of every size scrambled past a distracted Glenn Prentiss, surging against her like a tidal wave. She lost her balance and pirouetted to the ground, her limbs splaying like a newborn colt. Her camera bag swung around her neck and struck her breastbone with a thud as she fell. She cussed up a blue streak as her fingers were flattened under sandaled feet. Struggling up, she fought her way to her painfully peeled knees. It was then, glancing up from the pavement, that she saw him. An olive-skinned youth grabbed the black holes in his chest, and slumped to the road.

Glenn asked. " Glenn stood. " "Oh, no. You’ll stay with us," Mrs. Duncan said. "It's the only thing that makes sense. " "Cancel them. Geoff, take her bags to the guest room," Mrs. Duncan said. " She took Glenn's hands, and squeezed them, then left the room. " Geoff said. "You're not staying. " "Read the fine print. " His eyes narrowed, then he led her to a wooden door, flung it open, and went in. Glenn lifted her camera bag and overnight case, and followed him down a stairway to the guestroom.

Several sizes too large, it gave her a feeling of roominess. There were lots of pockets, for filters and lenses, and a palm-size camera. " Geoff asked. "Your family agreed to—" "My mom agreed," he said. "I've been at away. " Glenn stuffed her fists deep in her pockets. "The story's already been written. " She sighed, and glanced over her shoulder at the streetlight that was flickering on. " He drew his eyebrows together. " He cleared his throat as tears welled up in his eyes. His scowl deepened as he squared his shoulder.

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Extreme Exposure by Mae Anne Argilan

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