By Suzanne Williams

ISBN-10: 0061139386

ISBN-13: 9780061139383

ISBN-10: 0061839116

ISBN-13: 9780061839115

At Mistress Lily's Fairy institution, Daisy is studying to be a fairy helper to humans—and she makes the main outstanding new associates! Violet can flip invisible. Poppy can shape-shift. Marigold can swap her wings to check her outfits. Daisy does not understand any magic in any respect, yet she will get an opportunity to find her personal particular expertise whilst a human in hassle wishes the fairies' aid!

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Her body shook as she pointed to a yellow house. ” said Daisy. Compared to 52 Cloverleaf Cottage, the house was huge. Yet it was smaller than the houses around it and actually looked rather cheerful and cozy—not the kind of place where you’d expect to find a monster. ” she asked. ” Marigold’s face went pale. ” Up ahead, Mistress Lily had turned around. “Come along, please,” she called to the four fairies. ” The fairies saw their first Blessings humans when they reached the middle of town. Daisy stared in awe at the wingless creatures.

Then she described two more ways to approach humans: by giving a compliment or asking for advice. “Now let’s practice in pairs,” Mistress Lily said. ” Poppy asked Daisy. ” she replied. ” “Okay,” Poppy agreed. ” She strutted up to Daisy. “I just love your shoes,” she said in a gruff voice. ” Rose, who was practicing with Marigold, overheard. She laughed. “I wouldn’t let a stranger try on my shoes,” she said. ” 27 Poppy’s pointy ears turned red. ” she muttered to Daisy. Daisy shrugged. ” At the end of class, Mistress Lily said, “Tomorrow morning we’ll be going on a field trip.

Daisy wondered. Surely most of them could walk just fine! “Excuse me, dearie,” Mistress Lily said. ” 55 The woman stopped wailing. “Of course,” she said with a sniffle. Still clutching her baby, she reached into her skirt pocket. She pulled out some coins and dropped them into Mistress Lily’s hand. 56 “Thank you, dearie,” said Mistress Lily. “And now, perhaps I can do something for you. ” The young mother stared at her. But instead of looking grateful, she looked angry! ” she asked accusingly. ” 57 7 The Yellow House D aisy gasped.

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