By Ivan Turgenev, Michael R. Katz (Translator)

ISBN-10: 0393967522

ISBN-13: 9780393967524

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39 Mir, a form of peasant self-government that is regarded as uniquely Russian. That is, to have sexual relations with his son's wife. 41 "Old-fashioned" (Italian). 42 "Good evening" (French). 40 XI Half an hour later Nikolai Petrovich went into the garden to his favorite pavilion. He was sunk in gloomy meditation. This was the first time he'd become aware of any distance between him and his son; he felt that with each passing day this distance would increase. Consequently, those winters in Petersburg when he'd spent endless days studying the latest works had all been in vain; in vain had he listened in on those young people's conversations; in vain had he rejoiced when he managed to insert a word or two into their heated discussions.

Perhaps Bazarov's even right; but, I must confess, one thing hurts: this was precisely when I'd hoped to become closer to Arkady. " "How is it he's moved ahead? " Pavel Petrovich exclaimed impatiently. "It's that signor, that nihilist who's been stuffing his head full of these things. " "His conceit's repulsive," Pavel Petrovich said, interrupting him. "Yes," said Nikolai Petrovich. "He is conceited. But there seems to be no way around that; here's what I don't understand. I seem to do all I can to keep up with the times: I've made arrangements for my peasants, established a farm, with the result that I'm called a "Red" throughout the province; I read, study, and try to respond in general to the requirements of our day—but they say my song's been sung.

57 Ralph Waldo Emerson (1805-82), one of the United States's most influential writers and philosophers and founder of the transcendentalist movement. 58 A name probably invented by combining those of two radical journalists, G. Z. Eliseev and M. A. Antonovich, major contributors to The Contemporary. 59 James Fenimore Cooper (1789-1851), the first American novelist. His narratives about the frontier often idealized the life of the American Indian. The Pathfinder was published in 1840. 60 Robert Wilhelm Bunsen (1811-99), a German scientist, pioneer in the field of chemistry, and inventor of the Bunsen burner.

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Fathers and Sons (Norton Critical Editions) by Ivan Turgenev, Michael R. Katz (Translator)

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