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While many folks may possibly commence our day with emails and information, we will be able to simply agree that this isn't be the main inspirational begin of an afternoon. First within the Morning via Osho promises a special choice to commence your day in a extra meditative method, to offer your brain a style of meditation that contains you thru the day. right here readers locate brief textual content items for day-by-day meditations and proposal to begin the day. easily begin every day by way of examining a prompt passage for that morning.

The extracts during this publication, besides its better half quantity, Last within the Evening, are chosen from intimate one-on-one talks with Osho. This e-book, with passages especially chosen for the morning, is worthwhile for these already accustomed to meditation, in addition to the newcomer to the area of the interior mind.

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It is not only a question of listening rightly to a master; that is only one aspect. This sound of rain falling on the roof… If one can listen rightly – pure listening with no idea, with no desire to interpret, with no effort to understand – then that is enough. Then certainly you will find it is not rain falling on the roof, it is existence itself. Then the wind passing through the pine trees is existence passing through the pine trees, and the sound of running water… Then anything… It is not a question of what you listen to; the basic question is how you listen.

Just as in concentration it becomes stronger and stronger – the more concentrated it is, the stronger it is – in relaxation it becomes weaker and weaker because nothing is excluded, all is included. There is no strain, no tension: there is no need. There is no need because you are not trying to focus yourself. You are simply available and open. That availability, that openness to existence is meditation. It needs a very restful, relaxed background. So whenever you have time, relax. And just be alert about all that is happening around: the dog barking in the distance, the neighbors quarreling, the traffic noise… Nothing should be taken as a distraction.

It is a dance, beginningless, endless. But our hearts are closed and we go on thinking about God through the head. The head is the wrong place. As far as God is concerned, be headless! Day 51 There are three levels that human energy can rise to: the first is sex, the second is love, the third is prayer. It is the same energy moving higher, becoming less and less gross, becoming more and more subtle. Sex is energy moving downward; it functions under the law of gravitation. The earth pulls it down.

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