By P. W. Sorensen, Brian D. Wisenden

ISBN-10: 0813823862

ISBN-13: 9780813823867

Pheromones are chemical cues that move among participants of an identical species that express particular, adaptive information.  those cues, and comparable chemical substances whose functionality are much less good outlined, are in particular vital to fishes as a result of their aquatic environments and complicated behaviors.   Pheromones also are of accelerating curiosity in either simple and utilized points of fish biology simply because they are often used to control fish habit and should clarify phenomena corresponding to fishery cave in.  Fish Pheromones and comparable Cues presents a well timed synthesis of this transforming into physique of analysis in freshwater and marine species and explores every little thing from how those chemical signs advanced, are produced, published after which processed, and at last to strength purposes in fish tradition and conservation.  


Fish Pheromones and similar Cues opens with an invaluable assessment at the thought of chemical communique and definitions. Chapters then growth by way of analyzing the organic value of pheromones in inter- and intra-species communique, the position those chemical cues play in a range organic services from replica to predation, after which how they advanced and are detected and well-known through fish frightened structures. ultimate chapters offer worthy perception into how pheromones should be measured, how pheromonal disruption can clarify results of environmental toxins, and finally how they pheromones are being utilized in real-world efforts to tradition fish species and to preserve our wild populations and keep an eye on invasive species.


 With far-reaching monetary, evolutionary and ecological implications, Fish Pheromones and comparable Cues may be a vital quantity for an individual operating within the fields of chemical communique, fish biology, fisheries technology, aquatic conservation, ecology, invasive species keep an eye on, and aquaculture

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2010) Pheromones and signature mixtures: defining species-wide signals and variable cues for identity in both invertebrates and vertebrates. Journal of Comparative Physiology A, 196, 685–700. , and Ueda, H. (2010) Olfactory imprinting of amino acids in lacustrine sockeye salmon. PLoS One, 5, e8633. , Kamiio, M. et al. (2006) l-Kynurenine, an amino acid identified as a sex pher­ omone in the urine of ovulated female masu salmon. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 103, 15370–15374.

There are a several hundred species that do this in the tropical and temperate oceans of both hemispheres. Finding good-quality freshwater habitat for feeding and later for spawning in the oceans are considerable challenges. Evidence suggests that conspecific odors including pheromones have a role. The best understood example is the freshwater eel, Anguilla sp. Anguillid Eels The family of Anguillidae comprises several dozen temperate–tropical species located in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

2008) also provides evidence that support the use of reef-specific cues by the clownfish, Amphiprion percula, to locate island homes. In this case, recently settled fish exhibited strong preferences for water from reefs with islands, as well as water treated with either anemones or leaves from rainforest vegetation that overhangs island reef waters. For reef fishes with demersal eggs, imprinting on reef-specific cues may be a reasonable mechanism to facilitate homing to natal reefs. However, for reef fish species with pelagic eggs, imprinting on natal reefs may not be plausible, and innately recognized conspecific pheromones might instead play a major role in homing (Montgomery, Tolimieri, and Haine, 2001).

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