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This ebook considers the habit of fluids in a low-gravity setting with distinctive emphasis on program in PMD (propellant administration gadget) platforms . within the compensated gravity setting of a spacecraft, the hydrostatic strain decreases to very low values looking on the residual acceleration, and floor stress forces develop into dominant. therefore, floor rigidity can be utilized to move and place drinks if the residual acceleration and the ensuing hydrostatic strain are small in comparison to the capillary strain. One famous software is using PMDs in surface-tension satellite tv for pc tanks. PMDs needs to make sure that the tank outlet is roofed with liquid every time outflow is demanded. additionally, PMDs are used to make sure expulsion and refilling of tanks for beverages and gases for all times aid, reactants, and scan offers. considering many of the PMD designs will not be testable on flooring and therefore depend on analytical or numerical suggestions, this publication treats 3 diversified stream issues of analytical, numerical and experimental capability: the brief contour swap among static floor configurations (free floor oscillations), the capillary upward thrust in tubes (capillary rise), and the move via open capillary channels (choking). those difficulties are associated jointly through an identical set of equations and boundary stipulations that are essential to version the fluid habit, and via an analogous set of attribute numbers.

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15) The angle between the moving solid and the tangent to the liquid free surface at a distance r from the dynamic contact line is denoted with θ(r). In addition, θR represents this angle at some distance R located within the intermediate region. 14), the slope of the interface within the intermediate region is independent of the macroscopic geometry L. 14) is independent of it. If θR is known, for example from experiments, θR could be used as a material boundary condition for the outer problem, replacing the true dynamic contact angle boundary condition.

31) is an approximate model for large times when all influences apart from the capillary force and the friction force have ceased. It is still applied to predict the capillary penetration of liquids into porous structures [112, 113, 114]. Other researchers introduced several improvements to the Lucas-Washburn equation. Rideal [97] added the inertia force of the moving liquid mass inside the tube. Experiments with horizontal tubes√were conducted but due to the small time scales only the behavior h ∼ t was observed and the influence of inertia could not be proved.

An excess force was introduced to explain additional retarding forces that arise from hydrodynamic and surface forces at the liquid/liquid interface. The excess force was found to be in the same order of magnitude as the driving capillary force. Mumley et al. suggested that the capillary rise phenomenon must be understood for the simple case of prewetted capillaries and contin- 42 4 Literature Review uous movement before progress in liquid/liquid displacement can be made. An interfacial resistance was also reported by Remoortere & Joos [125].

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