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30 Glossary artillery (ar TILL uh ree) — the part of the army that uses cannons and firearms citizens (SIT uh zenz) — natives of a place who owe allegiance to a government and are entitled to protection from it Confederate (kon FED ur et) — a person, state, or soldier on the Southern side in the Civil War engineer (en jin EAR) — someone who makes plans and maps to measure and build. general (JEN ur ul) — the highest rank in the military military (MILL ih TARE ee) — the armed forces Seminoles (SEHM ih nolz) — members of a Native American tribe soldiers (SOHL jerz) — people who serve in the military Spain (SPAYN) — a country across the Atlantic Ocean in Europe survey (SIR vay) — to explore and make a map or a plan troops (TRUUPS) — soldiers Union (YOON yun) — the Northern side in the Civil War 31 Index Army of the Potomac 26-27 Meade, Margaret Coates 7 Bull Run, Second Battle of 24 Meade.

Sauers, Richard A. html About The Author Don McLeese is an associate professor of journalism at the University of Iowa. He has won many awards for his journalism, and his work has appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines. He has frequently contributed to the World Book Encyclopedia and has written many books for young readers. He lives with his wife and two daughters in West Des Moines, Iowa.

He gave the speech at Gettysburg, to honor those who had fought and died there. Important Dates to Remember 1815 George Gordon Meade is born in Spain. 1831 George goes to West Point. 1835 George finishes at West Point and goes to Florida to fight the Seminoles. 1836 George leaves the army and goes to work for the railroad. 1842 After marrying Margaretta Sergeant, George returns to the army. 1845-1848 George fights in the Mexican War. 1861 The Civil War starts. George goes to battle after ten years of surveying for lighthouses.

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