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Published through the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Geophysical Monograph Series.


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1. Ships Used during Surveys Vol. 9 Channel. 13 N-S ]i•es, 4 E-W. o•nections' San S. niic Oceans d•ring 1962-1963. I•ierim reI)orl, })y M. C,al)•]io, •. Masada, 5[. D. Heller' ('. L. H:•g'er, 1964. V. Al•t•t•l 20,000 Iqr 'e-mr anomalies 9. Gravity Meast•r(,nents i• the, Archipehtgo, ,htntmry 1963. I•(,rim reI)ort M. I). V. A r9o ) 9,400 miles (•t' measured track t'rcmt New ('l•inea, •o the Nie()l)a,r Islands :•1o•g Diego (California). Free-air and Bouguer anomalies. 9 mg:,l). [19•o] ) •esian gravity low, wil}• 3,760 st:ttions.

Bisson, 1963. 12. Sver(h'uI>Isla•ds 13. ce1958, and i• recent years at)out 14. Mclvill½• Isla•d S,000stalionsh:•vebeen a½ldedca,oh year. 15. 'nd)lication seriesof the Domi•i{m Observa- A%. Prelimi•:tx'y lles•'tli, of Underw:tler (In•vity lory, Department of Mines and TechnicalSurveys. In this seriesBouguer anom:tlymaps are St•rveysin the Gulf of St. Lawrence,t•y A. pttblishedat a scaleof 1:500,000 usingmaps 46. Gt•lf of St. Ixt,wrmtee the National Topographic Series a,s a base. ntblishe½t. icaoverl)ri•lcd i•.

Harrison, 1961. S. ,t, S09 stations; R. V. Horizon, 16S stations). Area lies between 32 ø and 34øN and 117 ø and 120øW; 977 gravity values at 2-mile intervals but three areits have been surveyed in detail relatively evenly spaced east of 119øW; few (52,()00miles wilh 21,000 stationsin the Gulf of measurementsSW of 119øW, 33øN. Port ConCalifornia,$,500 mileswith 3,400 stationsin the neetions: Long Beach (California). Californi•t borderland, and 15,000 miles with Free-air and Bouguer anomalies. 6,000 slalions in 'tl•e lndonesian archil)elago).

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