By Tom Rath, Donald O. Clifton Ph.D.

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To estimate costs accurately, we only accounted for the direct impact that actively disengaged employees have at work. We quantified the productivity - or lack thereof - occurring in each person's own workspace. In analyzing the data, we had to assume that each disengaged employee simply sat in his or her cubicle and didn't wreak havoc elsewhere - an unlikely assumption, of course. Most disengaged employees do plenty of things each day that bring others down with their own sinking ship. Spiraling Downward To bring these numbers to life, here's an example of the effect that just a small dose of negativity had on one employee.

But when a manager primarily focused on an employee's strengths, there was just a 1% chance of that employee being very negative or actively disengaged on the job. As you can see from the results of this study, it appears that disengagement is a curable problem. And it is a challenge that is within our own control. If we put enough time into focusing on the strengths of the people around us every day, it changes the entire environment. As you will learn in the pages that follow, it all starts with a focus on what is right in your interactions with other people.

As Ted was reading the note, he could barely contain the giant grin on his face. Though fatigued from a long workday in which multiple customers berated him, he was suddenly rejuvenated by the message. Ted's boss knew the key to great bucket filling: Recognition is most appreciated and effective when it is individualized, spec~fic, and deserved. Clearly, he understood that writing an e-mail and copying Ted's peers would give Ted a real boost. And perhaps Ted's boss also knows that the same approach won't work for Ted's colleagues, some of whom may prefer a quiet pat on the back or perhaps more boisterous praise in a meeting.

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