By A.A. Ungar

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After A. Ungar had brought vector algebra and Cartesian coordinates into hyperbolic geometry in his past books, in addition to novel purposes in Einstein’s unique conception of relativity, the aim of his new publication is to introduce hyperbolic barycentric coordinates, one other vital inspiration to embed Euclidean geometry into hyperbolic geometry. it will likely be proven that, in complete analogy to classical mechanics the place barycentric coordinates are with regards to the Newtonian mass, barycentric coordinates are relating to the Einsteinian relativistic mass in hyperbolic geometry. opposite to basic trust, Einstein’s relativistic mass for that reason meshes up terribly good with Minkowski’s four-vector formalism of certain relativity. In Euclidean geometry, barycentric coordinates can be utilized to figure out a variety of triangle facilities. whereas there are various identified Euclidean triangle facilities, in basic terms few hyperbolic triangle facilities are identified, and not one of the identified hyperbolic triangle facilities has been made up our minds analytically with recognize to its hyperbolic triangle vertices. In his fresh learn, the writer set the floor for investigating hyperbolic triangle facilities through hyperbolic barycentric coordinates, and one of many reasons of this ebook is to begin a learn of hyperbolic triangle facilities in complete analogy with the wealthy examine of Euclidean triangle facilities. due to its novelty, the publication is aimed toward a wide viewers: it may be loved both by means of upper-level undergraduates, graduate scholars, researchers and teachers in geometry, summary algebra, theoretical physics and astronomy. For a fruitful studying of this ebook, familiarity with Euclidean geometry is thought. Mathematical-physicists and theoretical physicists are inclined to benefit from the examine of Einstein’s specific relativity by way of its underlying hyperbolic geometry. Geometers may perhaps benefit from the hunt for brand spanking new hyperbolic triangle facilities and, ultimately, astronomers could use hyperbolic barycentric coordinates within the speed area of cosmology.

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17) u, v ∈ Rnc . for We call it a gyrodistance function in order to emphasize the analogies it shares with its Euclidean counterpart, the distance function u − v in Rn . 18) for all u, v ∈ Rnc . For this and other analogies that distance and gyrodistance functions share, see [60, 63]. In a two dimensional Einstein gyrovector space (R2c , ⊕, ⊗), the squared gyrodistance between a point x ∈ R2c and an infinitesimally nearby point x + dx ∈ R2c , dx = (dx1 , dx2 ), is defined by the equation [63, Sect.

126), as desired. 126). 128) is equivalent to the first one. 127). 30 1 Einstein Gyrogroups The left gyroassociative law and the left loop property of gyrogroups admit right counterparts, as we see from the following theorem. 24 For any three elements a, b, and c of a gyrogroup (G, ⊕) we have (i) (a⊕b)⊕c = a⊕(b⊕ gyr[b, a]c) (Right Gyroassociative Law). (ii) gyr[a, b] = gyr[a, b⊕a] (Right Loop Property). 133) The right cancellation law allows the loop property to be dualized in the following theorem.

Then 2⊗(u⊕v) = u⊕(2⊗v⊕u). 13), 48 2 Einstein Gyrovector Spaces u⊕(2⊗v⊕u) = u⊕ (v⊕v)⊕u = u⊕ v⊕ v⊕ gyr[v, v]u = u⊕ v⊕(v⊕u) = (u⊕v)⊕ gyr[u, v](v⊕u) = (u⊕v)⊕(u⊕v) = 2⊗(u⊕v). 5 Let u, v be any two points of an Einstein gyrovector space (Rns , ⊕, ⊗). 15) u⊕( u⊕v)⊗ = ⊗(u v). 5). 16) follows. 1. 5). 2. Follows from Item 1 by the left gyroassociative law. 3. Follows from Item 2 by a left cancellation. 4. Follows from Item 3 by applying successively the left loop property and the right loop property. 2 Linking Einstein Addition to Hyperbolic Geometry 49 5.

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