By Francesca Ashurst; Couze Venn

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Mary Ann Harford, another young apprentice, stated that she remembered when Frances had arrived: she was in very good health when she first came; she afterwards became sick and ill – that was about five weeks after she first came; she complained of a pain in her side, and sometimes of the head-ache; Mrs. Hibner used to say, ‘Never mind, you must do your work’ – she did not wear stockings; I knew of her feet being bad, and I told mistress of it – they were bad a good while before I told mistress of it.

He adds that advances later in the century after 1860 by James Clerk Maxwell and Ludvig Boltzmann in statistical mechanics in the wake of thermodynamics confirmed the ubiquity of the normal (or bell-shaped) distribution. What Hacking highlights is the obsession with measuring and calculating everything and establishing tables of numbers for every subject: ‘between 1820 and 1840 there was an exponential increase in the number of numbers that were being published … Only in the nineteenth century did numbers assume their paramount role’ (1991: 19).

However, in practice, as we have indicated, the terrain and the politics of liberalisms have been messy, lacking the clarity of a position such as the more recent ‘socialism or barbarity’ scenario. A summary of the development of the new ‘scientific’ or ‘objective’ or ‘expert’ knowledge in the formulation of policy and laws will illustrate for now the propositions that we establish in detail later. Interestingly, the genealogy of school exclusion we have reconstructed has revealed that all the key figures central to our narrative have also been precisely those most prominent in the elaboration of these knowledges, apparatuses and programmes.

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Inequality, Poverty, Education: A Political Economy of School Exclusion by Francesca Ashurst; Couze Venn

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