By Elliott R. Jacobson

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Infectious illnesses and pathology of reptiles / атлас инфекционных болезней рептилий КНИГИ ;ЕСТЕСТВЕННЫЕ НАУКИ Название: Infectious ailments and pathology of reptiles Автор: Jacobson E.R. Издательство: Taylor&Fransis team Год: 2007 Страниц: 716 Формат: pdf Размер: eighty two mb Язык: English Краткое описание книги: Великолепный атлас инфекционных болезней рептилий. Содержит множество уникальных и реалистичных фотографий.Скачать c eighty five

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They have evolved independently among the reptiles at least five times and represent nonhomologous structures between the different groups (Dunson, 1976). 337). 338). In those lizards (Amblyrhynchus, Iguana, Dipsosaurus, Sauromalus, Uromastyx, and Ctenosaura) with salt glands, it is lateral-nasal in location. The individual tubules empty into a common duct that discharges its contents into the nasal cavity. In sea snakes the location is sublingual, and in the saltwater crocodile it is in the tongue.

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