By Johannes A. Eble, Klaus Kühn (auth.)

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ISBN-13: 9781475740646

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Binding of iC3b-opsonized pathogens induces Mac-1-mediated phagacytosis by macrophages 312 and triggers the respiratory burst of neutrophils. 313 Like the vitronectin binding to aV~5' aM~2 scavenges 20 the body from foreign pathogens or old serum proteins. The recognition site of aM~2 in fibrinogen has been narrowed down to the linear peptide sequence GWTVFQKRLDSV, with the essential residues underlined, in the y-chain of fibrinogen in position 190-202, which is different from the binding sites of allb~' in fibrinogen.

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Horwitz A, Duggan K, Greggs R et aI. The cell substrate attachment (CSAT) antigen has properties of a receptor for laminin and fibronectin. ] Cell Bioi 1985; 101:2134-2144. 214. Plantefaber LC, Hynes RO. Changes in integrin receptors on oncogenically transformed cells. Cell 1989; 56:281-290. 215. Giancotti FG, Ruoslahti E. Elevated levels of the (l5~1 fibronectin receptor suppress the transformed phenotype of chinese hamster ovary cells. Cell 1990; 60:849-859. 216. Schreiner C, Fisher M, Hussein S et al.

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