By Rupert Woodfin, Oscar Zarate

ISBN-10: 1840464623

ISBN-13: 9781840464627

Used to be Marx himself a 'Marxist'? used to be his visionary promise of socialism betrayed by way of Marxist dictatorship? Is Marxism necessarily totalitarian? What did Marx relatively say? Introducing Marxism offers a basic account of Karl Marx's unique philosophy, its roots in 19th-century ecu ideology, and his radical fiscal and social feedback of capitalism that encouraged titanic 19th-century revolutions. It assesses Marxism's Russian disciples - Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin - who cast a ruthless dogmatic Communism. This e-book examines the choice Marxist ways of Gramsci, the Frankfurt institution of severe concept and the structuralist Marxism of Althusser within the Sixties. It marshals postmodern interpretations of Marxism and increases the spectre of 'post-Marxism' in Derrida's war of words with Fukuyama's 'end of historical past' doctrine. Marxism isn't easily a phantom of the 20th-century chilly struggle that when encouraged terror. It is still a effective moral strength in our postmodern age of uncertainty.

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Marx used the term "class consciousness" to describe this. 60 Consciousness of Alienation As class consciousness emerges, workers become aware of their own "alienation". This is a key term for Marx and is central to his concept of human nature. The working-class proletariat have been alienated throughout the capitalist epoch, without being aware of it. By alienation, Marx means a number of different things. His most detailed discussion of them is in the Economic and Political Manuscripts of 1844.

This integument is burst asunder. The knell of capitalist private property sounds. " 58 The revolution would be preceded by a series of intensifying crises. Goods would be produced which the impoverished proletariat could not afford to buy. More workers would be forced out of work, because their labour was not needed. This would drive wages down further, lessening still the ability of the people to buy the products of capitalism. Enterprises would collapse and be swallowed by larger organizations in the centralization of capital.

If a competitor made the same product using new machinery and sold it at half the price, then the original producer would go out of business. No one wants to buy an identical product at twice the cost. People choose to buy things on the basis of quality and price. If the quality is the same for two identical items, they will buy the cheapest. 48 Profit is not just something that allows capitalists to live well, it is an essential aspect of the whole system. Without profit, capitalism could not survive.

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